Banner Ad Program

Download the Banner Ad Contract.

  1. What is a banner ad? A banner ad is a small ad that rotates on a page or pages on the IOGA web site.
  2. When will the banner ads run?
    Banner ads will run for three (3) consecutive months of your choice.
  3. Where do banner ads run?
    All banner ads will be shown on the IOGA home page and will rotate.

    Option A includes the home page and one activity page. Activity pages include Hunting, River Running, Fishing, Winter, Ranches/Lodges, Trail Rides/Trips and Hiking/Biking/Climbing.

    Option B includes the home page, one activity page and the content pages. Content pages are pages such as Member Information, Order a Directory, etc.

    Option C includes the home page, two activity pages and the content pages.
  4. How does the price compare to previous banner ad prices? When the banner ad program was run by OutdoorMind (our previous web host), banner ads were $40 per month.
  5. Who gets the income from the banner ads?
    IOGA will be running the banner ad program and receiving the proceeds from the program. Costs for developing the ad will be paid to Pluto.
  6. Who develops the banner ads? Our web developer, Pluto can develop your banner ad. You can choose between a "tag line", a "customized" banner ad, or outfitter provided banner ad.
    A tag line banner ad includes your company name and a short statement such as "Idaho, the wild river state". When someone clicks on the banner ad it goes directly to your web site. A An outfitter provided banner ad must meet the specifications listed on the contract.
  7. Are banner ads all the same size? Yes, all banner ads are 150 pixels wide by 70 pixels high. They are all the same size due to the recent revamped design of the IOGA web site and the prime space on each page allocated for banner ads.
  8. How do I purchase a banner ad? Complete the attached form and return it via fax or mail to IOGA with payment. You can pay by check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
  9. When is payment due for the banner ad? Payment in full must be received prior to the ad being developed and put on the web site.

For more information, please contact Janey Bruesch at the IOGA Office.
P O Box 95, Boise, ID 83701
Phone: 208.342.1438
Fax: 208.338.7830

Download the Banner Ad Contract.