Wilderness Backcountry Hideaways

Encounter great friends, great food, and great views.

Ranches & Lodges

Guest Ranches

From Idaho's guest and dude ranches, outfitters offer accommodations and a long list of daily activities. They include horseback riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, gold panning, rafting, mountain biking, wagon rides and cookouts. Activities are available each day and guests can choose what they would like to do. One guest may want to rest and enjoy the solitude. Another may want to try something new each day. Each ranch has its own setting--from working cattle ranch to wilderness hideaway. Each has its own emphasis--from family activities to horseback riding skills to ecology ethics.

Hunting/Fishing Lodges

Idaho outfitters have hidden cabins and lodges all over the state, where their hunting and fishing guests can eat a good meal and spend the night after days outdoors. These lodgings sit secluded in deep forests, at the edge of streams, in mountain meadows, and in deep river canyons. They range from simple cabins to deluxe lodges with gourmet cooks. Many outfitters offer special programs for families or mixed groups. While some members are out hunting or fishing, the others can enjoy other activities around the lodge.

Cattle Drives / Round ups

Stay with a rancher and work with the wranglers. It's a great way to ride horses and see Idaho's cattle country.