Summer Pack Trips - Camping and Fishing in the Idaho High Country

High in the Idaho Mountains, ride horseback through the forest to No-Tellum Lake, a hidden jewel surrounded by cathedral-like peaks, and go fishing. Hop off the horse, rig up your fly rod, tie on a big imitation hopper and cast as far out into the lake as possible into the deep water. Be ready to set the hook because on a hot mid-summer day, the fish go nuts for those dry flies. Don't stare at that beautiful peak too long or you might miss the fish!

The Idaho Backcountry fishing experience is one that you'll never forget. Good ‘ole home-style cooking and hospitality in a gorgeous setting in the heart of Idaho. Wind down from multiple stress points of urban living, and open your soul to mountain living. Fresh-caught trout for hors d'oeuvres or dinner. Ummm, good. Sleep under the stars. Let your kids roast marshmallows while you sip a favorite beverage, hanging out around the campfire. It's all within reach … just say yes, I wanna go! and find an Idaho backcountry fishing outfitter to take you to that prized, secret lake chock full of fish.