Jet Boating the Snake River - Twin Falls to Lower Salmon Falls Dam near Hagerman


IOGA member Idaho Guide Service provides scenic power boat tours on the Snake River in the Twin Falls area to the base of Pillar Falls, a large rapids with unique geologic formations. These trips are typically most popular June through September.

Trips start at Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls and pass under the breath-taking Perrine Bridge to go see the falls. BASE jumping is legal from the Perrine Bridge. It's a visual feast to witness the steep basalt cliffs framing the Snake River in the Twin Falls area, plus seeing the falls and springs pouring into the Snake River along the way. These are flatwater trips on a pontoon boat that are safe for families, kids and seniors. The trips to Pillar Falls take approximately one hour.

Idaho Guide Service also leads canoe and kayak trips to the base of 212-foot Shoshone Falls.

Special trips to the falls can be customized by Idaho Guide Service to accommodate groups, business meetings and company functions.

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