Jet Boating the South Fork Snake - Palisades Dam


The South Fork of the Snake River below Palisades Dam features world-class blue-ribbon trout fishing in a gorgeous roadless canyon for approximately 25 miles. Heise Expeditions offers power boat, drift boat and walk-and-wade fishing trips on a daily basis on this highly prized section of the Snake River. Professional fishing guides show anglers what flies are working best to catch robust native west-slope cutthroat trout and big brown trout as they row drift boats along the cliff walls and work every square inch of the river, fishing one incredible hole after another, all day long. Guides also stop in strategic locations so guests can work riffles and holes using the walk-and-wade fishing technique.

While anglers enjoy the fishing, they will enjoy a plethora of wildlife all around them. They're likely to see resident bald eagles that nest in large cottonwood and pine trees in the river canyon as well as moose that like to hang out in side channels, as well as many other types of birds and mammals.

Heise Expeditions owns an RV park where guests can stay overnight, and it's conveniently located next to Heise Hot Springs, a 9-hole executive golf course, the Heise pizza parlor, and a zipline.

Most fishing guides run the South Fork from Palisades to Heise or shorter sections in between. But the fishing and floating continues downriver below Heise to the South Fork junction with the Henrys Fork.

No matter if you're interested in fishing for a day, a long weekend or a week, the South Fork will provide much excitement and fishing action. Just watching the fish rise to feed on a blizzard of dry flies on a hot summer day is enough to get any fly fisher's heart pumping.

Because of the South Fork Snake's outstanding fishing virtues, it can get crowded from time to time. IOGA promotes the concept of responsible, shared use of Idaho's natural resources. On the South Fork, it's very important for all anglers to be courteous to others, respect people's personal space, and practice the principles of proper fishing and river etiquette.

River Stats



II to II+

Trip Length

45 mi.




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