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IOGA Newsletter
July 2019
News & Events
River Guide Research Project

A University of Idaho student is conducting a research project about river guides and environmental education. This study will access need for environmental education and ecological trainings in the river guiding community as perceived by Idaho river guides. The driving factor behind this study is the idea that the more river guides and river guests know about a natural place the more likely we will be to help advocate for its protection. This survey will take less than five minutes to complete.
If you're a river guide, or in that part of the industry, please take a minute (or five) to complete the survey.
Here's the link: 
Fall Recreation Survey
America Outdoors is working on an article for USA Today about outdoor recreation in the Fall and they need some input from outfitters and guides about their ‘must-do’ fall activities/recreation spots­. Please take a minute to help drive some attention to the industry!

 Here's the Link: http://bit.ly/AOFallSurvey 
Feedback Needed on IOGLB Rules Comments

The Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board is in the process of developing a negotiated rule, encompassing their full set of rules, which means that outfitters and guides have a unique opportunity to comment on and propose changes to the rules that govern our industry in Idaho. (Hunt outfitters: this rulemaking also bears directly on the rules governing the designation of allocated tags.)

In light of this, and in advance of the upcoming August 2 public meeting and negotiated rule hearing, we have developed comments and proposals on these rules for your review, input, feedback.

Please take this opportunity to review the document HERE, with our proposals and comments, and give us your thoughts. 

Negotiated Rulemaking

Individual time for oral comment may be limited to 5 minutes at the open hearing meeting (1:00 PM MST) scheduled on August 2, 2019, 2019  at 1365 N. Orchard St. Room 172 Boise, ID 83706.

The Board requests that written comment be delivered on or before July 29, 2019. Comments can be submitted by email: [email protected], fax: (208) 327- 7382, or Mail: Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board 1365 N. Orchard St. Room 172 Boise, ID 83706.

 It is important to remember that all state agency rules promulgated in 2019 must be approved by the 2020 legislature. We strongly encourage all outfitters to review the content of IOGA's draft comments and proposals for the negotiated rule, as well as the final negotiated rule once it is available. We also would request you share with IOGA any comments or proposals you share directly with the board such that we can more effectively represent the needs and concerns of the industry for our part of negotiated rulemaking.
Governor's Workgroup on Salmon & Steelhead

The workgroup on Salmon & Steelhead had its first meeting on June 28, with an appearance and the opening statement by the Governor.

Governor Little encouraged the workgroup members, which includes yours truly representing IOGA, to focus on achievable goals that can bolster the state's struggling wild fish populations. The work that this group of environmentalists, ranchers, recreationists, power company, and state officials does is to help define the state's position on federal efforts to save salmon and steelhead in the Columbia Basin; you can read the full report here at idahopress.com.

The questions this group is tackling are complex and by no means clean-cut. But we all came together to gain a deeper understanding of each other's interests and perspectives, and that in itself is an important and positive step. So, too, is the focus on science-based approach to information and policy setting, as opposed to the political and emotional basis such as informed the closure(s) of sections of river during this past Winter Steelhead season. 

We thank Gov. Little for his leadership and look forward to continuing our work together to find a timely solution for bringing healthy, sustainable populations of wild steelhead and salmon back to Idaho.

In the meantime, IOGA will advocate the maintenance and improvement of the existent hatchery fisheries & seasons that our fishing Outfitters and Guides rely on for their livelihoods and ways of life. 

Bear Baiting Suit
Many of you are aware of this developing issue. But as we have fielded many questions and folks are understandably concerned, I will provide a summary of the situation here.

The Essentials
  • WildEarth Guardians, Western Watersheds Project and Wilderness Watch filed suit against the federal government in early June over its practice of allowing black bear hunters to use bait in Wyoming and Idaho. The federal suit was filed in Idaho, naming the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as defendants.
  • The suit seeks to force the Forest Service to stop allowing black bear baiting in areas of national forests in Wyoming and Idaho where grizzly bears may be. The groups say the government has violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by allowing incidental kills of grizzlies by black bear hunters using bait.
  • Federal law currently allows individual states to determine whether to allow black bear hunters to use bait. Idaho and Wyoming are the only two lower-48 states within the grizzly bear’s range that allow bear baiting by black bear hunters, and are among 12 states nationwide that allow baiting of black bears.
  • The litigants say black bear hunters in those two states have killed eight grizzly bears. Grizzlies have been listed as threatened under the ESA since 1975.
The Inbetween
  • The Justice Department will have assigned a lawyer to the case upon notification of the filing.
  • The timeframe for a suit against the federal government is 60-day, in terms of the response. So we should see a response (from the feds) around late July to early August.
  • Whatever the nature of that response (and there are a number of possibilities), it will be filed and scheduled accordingly by Magistrate Cami Dale.
  • Wyoming, Idaho or other non-state entities may file to be admitted as an intervenor in the case (essentially, a vested supporting party of the defense, with accompanying obligations) 
  • Until the FS/USFWS file their response, we are effectively in a holding pattern. 
Going Forward
A. Contact your elected representatives and express your concerns to them. (Find your Legislators HERE)
      But please do not attack the litigant groups nor those who might sympathize with their ideas. Bear-baiting is a central practice for many hunt outfitters, but we need to be conscious that it is a divisive issue, not least within our own membership. This update, and the talking points listed below, is not meant to be an endorsement by the Association of the practice. Nor is this caveat I'm writing meant to be a disavowel. I don't make those calls. You do. What I am trying to accomplish here is to clarify the timeline and context of the issue, then to offer some suggestions about how to approach and discuss this, meaningfully, in a public forum, with information based on sound reason and affirmed science. With that...

B. Discussing the Issue with Reason and Respect: Potential Talking Points
  • Idaho already does not allow baiting in recovery zone currently.
  • Grizzly bears are proliferating even while baiting black bears outside core recovery habitat has been practiced. 
  • Yes, baiting is divisive. As sportsmen we should always be challenging each other and have thoughtful conversations about hunting.  Those conversations can, and have, eventually come to fruition through game commissions where new policy is set. Let's talk about bear-baiting. It's okay to do so. But let's not talk about betraying the Commission model and put important decisions in the hands of judges who know nothing on the subject. 
  • Management of wildlife through legislation or the judiciary is neither ideal or scientifically sound. Entire agencies full of scientific expertise guide those decisions, which are not taken lightly. Whether you support baiting or not is of no matter. We all need to support these decisions being made by game agencies, commissions, and input from the public. Not one person (a judge).
  • Bear baiting is actually defensible. You can take closer and more accurate shots. You can accurately sex as well. Baiting can actually help hunters avoid accidental take of grizzlies.
  • This is an inappropriate use of the ESA. How many elk, deer, or bird hunters have had to shoot grizzlies in self-defense? How many berry pickers? Point is, whatever gets humans into these areas sets us up for conflict. Bear baiting is likely the lowest conflict starter (i.e., there are far fewer black bear hunters than there are trail runners). 
  • There are an estimated 40 problem grizzlies killed a year in the three states that practice baiting. As hunters, we support efforts to mitigate these conflicts (like infrastructure to keep grizzlies from entering county dumps and becoming habituated to food, wildlife overpasses, whatever). The lawsuit claims 0.33 grizzlies are killed per year by black bear baiting. Certainly, we stand with other hunters and non-hunters to reduce the 0.33/year, but the 40 per year are killed by other conflicts.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns, or to check for any updates on this issue. I have been following it closely and am in regular communication with a swath of interested and involved parties so as to stay up to date and on top of it. 
Salmon-Challis NF: Forest Plan Revision Update
The Salmon-Challis National Forest is required to conduct Wild and Scenic Rivers inventory and eligibility as part of its forest plan revision. The draft eligibility report was released in November 2017, and the forest is still accepting feedback.

Public input so far led Forest Supervisor Chuck Mark to direct the forest plan revision team to field validate river segments listed as eligible in the draft report. In Fall 2018, the forest invited members of the public to use their local knowledge to complete Wild and Scenic River Field Review Worksheets [ http://bit.ly/2JOPvwC ] Salmon-Challis crews started fieldwork last fall and will complete field validations of the remaining stream segments. The FS will issue an eligibility report later this summer.

To watch the recording of the June 26 Webinar with Updates on the revision process, click Here. The next Forest Plan Revision Update will take place from Noon to 1:30 on Wednesday, July 24. 
  • The link to access the webinar is: https://bit.ly/SCNFwebinar
  • To access audio, dial in to 1-888-844-9904 and enter participant code 2595688#.
Documents, interactive maps, recorded webinars, links to public comments and more are on the Forest Plan Revision website, http://bit.ly/SCNF_Plan_Revision.

For more information, contact Josh Milligan at 756-5560 or e-mail [email protected].
Ore Processing by Cyanidation: Negotiated Rulemaking/Meeting

Toxic sodium cyanide has been used in gold mining since 1887, and it remains the primary reagent in use for gold processing today because it allows for efficient extraction of gold from low-grade ore.

In March, the Idaho Mining Association requested a switch to performance-based rules instead of existing, detailed construction specifications. However, it’s unclear how “performance” will be defined and assessed at mine sites. 

Rulemaking initiated in response to Idaho Mining Association’s request for rulemaking is to take place, with a Negotiated rulemaking meeting August 6, 2019. 

For more information on the proposed rule changes and how to participate, CLICK HERE

For some background on the process in question, follow this link: The Metallurgy of Cyanide Gold Leaching – An Introduction
Remembering Jim Thrash:
25th Anniversary of the South Canyon - Storm King Mountain Tragedy
Jim Thrash, 44, of New Meadows, Idaho, was very much at home in the backcountry. He and his wife, Holly, owned and operated a big game hunting business in the mountains of west-central Idaho. Over the years, Jim was a key player in the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association, serving on the board as vice president, and as president.
He established himself as a good listener and reasoned voice, and used those talents to work for the preservation of Idaho's wildlands and to help outfitters, conservationists and land managers work together. He also understood and respected the role of fire in the ecosystem. Jim left behind his wife, Holly, and two young children, Ginny and Nate. Ginny is married with two children living in Montana and Nate lives and works in Mccall. 
Jim grew up in Arizona. He loved baseball and hunting. He and his wife moved to Idaho in 1973. He taught high school Spanish and social studies, and coached varsity baseball. In 1981, after two years on a helitack crew, he joined the smokejumpers. He had 213 jumps. Jim perished along with 13 others on July 6, 1994, when the South Canyon fire blew up the slope where Jim and the others on the West flank fireline, making a rapid run with 100-foot flame lengths. 

IOGA placed a stone marker next to Jim Thrash's cross several years after the tragedy, but it has since been taken to the earth that bore it. In honor of Jim's connection to IOGA and many of our members, we hope to raise some funds for a new IOGA commemorative marker to place again at the site. If you would like to contribute or to be involved in the pilgrimage back to Storm King Mountain, please contact Grant Simonds (208.867.2138) or Doug Tims (208.344.7119). 

For more information about the South Canyon Fire visit southcanyonfire.com.
Recommended Read & Watch
Watch: Hallowed Ground: Storm King Mountain Memorial Trail

The Storm King Mountain Memorial Trail honors the 14 hotshots, smoke jumpers, and helitack crew, including Jim Thrash,  who perished in the 1994 South Canyon Fire.
READ: Idaho Elk Research Nears Completion (Star Tribune)

"A multiyear research project aiming to measure the quality of elk habitat across the vast Clearwater region in Idaho is in its final stages." Read On
GANDERWild Fish Are Important 
  - (From the new IDFG Wild Salmon and Steelhead webpage) : This new webpage contains a wide variety of information about Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead including major programs IDFG is involved in, project updates, and press releases on work being done...")
IDFG Video: Going Home
READ/Watch: Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission: Wolf Series
(By Steve Stuebner via Post Register)
"The series traces the history of wolf and predator management from the settlement of the West to the present day...."  READ ON...
READ: Bill Would Recruit Hunters

The Pittman-Robertson Modernization Act, a bill sponsored by James Risch (R-Idaho), would authorize state agencies to use federal aid money to recruit hunters and recreational shooters in order to reverse declines in hunting participation.

Read On here: Bill Would Recruit Hunters
Events Calendar
  • Meeting on New Fall Chinook Fishing Opportunity: July 30 | Lewiston, Idaho | Fish and Game Office, 3316 16th Street
  • Idaho Travel Council Meeting & Grant Awards: July 29-30, 2019 | Twin Falls, ID
  • 2nd Meeting of the Governor's Workgroup on Salmon & Steelhead | July 30-31, 2019 | Salmon, Idaho
  • Governor Little’s ‘Capital for a Day’ Event | July 30, 2019 | Grangeville, ID | Soltman Center, located at 607 W. Main St. 
  • IOGLB Licensing Board Meeting: August 1-2, 2019  |  1365 North Orchard Room 172 | Boise, Idaho
  • Fish and Game’s Southeast Idaho Hunting University: August 3 | Pocatello Trap Club located at 1442 Fortress Road 
  • Idaho Mountain Festival 2019: Aug 15, 12 PM  |  Castle Rocks State Park  |  Almo, ID
  • Oktoberfest!: Friday, September 20-21, 2019  |  Ketchum Town Square  |  Ketchum, Idaho
  • Idaho Travel Council Meeting: October 21, 2019 | Sun Valley, ID
  • ICORT 2019 (ID Conference on Recreation&Tourism): Oct. 22-24, 2019  |  Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley
  • IOGA Board Meeting(s): December 3 & 6, 2019  |  Clearwater Casino  |  Lewiston, ID
  • IOGA Annual Meeting: December 4-5, 2019  |  Clearwater Casino  |  Lewiston, ID
  • The THAW  |  IOGA Annual Gala: February 19, 2020  |  Riverside Hotel  |  Boise, ID
Arts  |  Culture 
Inscription from a Signpost on the Cross-Strewn Hillside of the Storm King

Do not stand on this mountain and weep.
We are not here. We do not sleep.
We are the thousand winds that blow.
We are the diamond glint in the snow. 
Trading Post

The owners are retiring and offering the business for sale.

  Summary Key Points of the Business

  • Idaho outfitters enjoy unique operating areas giving them exclusive commercial rights within their areas.  No competition with other outfitters within your area.
  • The hunting regulations for this unit allow any weapon hunting for rutting elk starting September 15th.  You can rifle hunt for bugling elk.
  • Guaranteed Outfitter Elk Tags.  Over the counter for deer, lion, bear and wolf.
  • Business operates under permit with the Bitterroot National Forest.
  • Business has 2 historic year-round drive to permanent Base Camps with great facilities allowing for high operational efficiency.  
  • There are approximately 40 trail miles and 20 road miles adjacent to the Wild and Scenic Selway River giving unparalleled fishing and recreational access to this magnificent resource.
There are several purchasing options for the business.
Call Steve at (406) 360-8897 for details
For Sale: Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone 

  • Lithium-Ion Battery,
  • AC Travel Charger & International Plug Kit,
  • Auto Accessory Adapter,
  • Headset,
  • Leather Carry Case with Lanyard Wrist Strap,
  • Antenna Adapter and Portable Auxiliary Antenna.
Contact Sue @ 208-935-5023.
Looking for Help?

Elm Outfitters & Guides Training School Program has students ready and eager to go to work. If you are in need of a well-trained individual(s) for Fall, Summer, or Spring seasons i.e. Packers/Guides/Wranglers. Please give us a call or email.

Thank you,
Michael & Julie Knott

Elm Outfitters & Guides Training Program Inc.
Ph. 406-961-3603
Email: [email protected]
Help Needed!
When: Needed for Fall 2019.
What: Part-time, seasonal back country guide
Who: Flying B Ranch - Kamiah, Idaho
  • Horse packing skills preferred
  • Potential for long-term benefitted position
Contact Jeremi Syron (208) 816-3959
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