Biennial Rules for IDFG Big Game Seasons

December 2006

Whereas, approximately 106 outfitters are licensed annually by the State of Idaho for deer and elk hunting and,

Whereas, approximately 4,600 public hunters choose to use the services of an outfitter annually, and

Whereas, guided public hunters contribute an estimated 20 million dollars predominately to the Idaho rural economy, and

Whereas, repeat clients are the backbone of successful Idaho hunting outfitters, and,

Whereas, repeat clients have a tendency to book their deer and elk hunts immediately after a successful hunt, and

Whereas, outfitter business planning includes booking resident and non-resident deer and elk hunters up to two years in advance of the season of the intended hunt, and

Whereas, shortened seasons are highly detrimental to the outfitting industry, and

Whereas, nonresident deer and elk tags go on sale December 1 of each year, and

Whereas, implementation of biennial rules for deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear and mountain lion would reduce Department administrative costs, and

Whereas, the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association recognizes that biological emergencies can occur on occasion,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association urges the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commission to adopt a policy that would benefit both guided and non-guided hunters that one year notice be provided the public before significant changes are adopted that would affect general season antlered deer and elk hunts, including controlled antlered deer and elk hunts, and

Further, be it resolved that the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association urges the Department and the Commission to adopt biennial rules for big game seasons (deer, elk, pronghorn, bear and mountain lion) beginning in March of 2007.