Anadromous Abundance Resolution

December 12, 2019

WHEREAS, all runs of Idaho’s wild steelhead and salmon are either already extinct or listed under the
Endangered Species Act, and

WHEREAS, many downstream riverine and oceanic conditions have contributed to the decline of
Idaho’s salmon and steelhead, and

WHEREAS, despite commendable habitat restoration projects and other recovery efforts within the
state, the number of salmon and steelhead returning back to Idaho continues to decline, and

WHEREAS, longitudinal evidence clearly and consistently negates the notion that the operation of
sport fisheries has any appreciable effect on the abundance or recovery of Idaho’s anadromous fish
populations, and

WHEREAS, salmon and steelhead fishing by the outfitted and non-outfitted public on Idaho’s Snake, Clearwater and Salmon Rivers and their respective tributaries contributes hundreds of millions of dollars per year to rural economies across Idaho, and

WHEREAS, a recent Outdoor Industry Association analysis of outdoor recreation/tourism in Idaho shows that accounts for $7.8 billion, with 78,000 direct jobs, $2.3 billion in wages and salaries and $447 million in state and local tax revenue, and

WHEREAS, over $16 billion has been spent by the federal government to recover endangered and threatened fish, and

WHEREAS, the IOGA continues to support its membership position of 1999 calling for the breaching of the Lower Four Snake River Dams as the single most significant and viable action that has been identified to restore abundance of salmon and steelhead to our state.

WHEREAS, the IOGA is dedicated, in the vent of the aforementioned action, to consider the impacts on and to the degree possible support measures that keep affected interests and communities whole, and

WHEREAS, we understand that keeping all interests economically whole may or may not be possible and may include significant economic mitigation, and

WHEREAS, the IOGA acknowledges that there are and continue to be many uncertain variables in play that contribute to declining and unsustainable populations of endangered Idaho salmon and steelhead

THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, that the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association (IOGA) supports efforts by Idaho Governor Brad Little’s collaborative Salmon Work Group, as well as those by Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson, to identify solutions that eschew the status quo and realize the
restoration of abundant populations of salmon and steelhead in Idaho, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the membership of the IOGA do hereby implore its Board of Directors and Executive Director to continue to work towards restoring these fish to a state of abundance in Idaho, to bring members of our industry, rural communities and state together to identify and enact all options for recovery, and to this end

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Board and Executive Director are directed by the membership to take what actions are constructive or necessary to realize this outcome insofar as those actions do not abridge or otherwise adversely affect current outfitted activities, operations or use.