Idaho Steelhead Resolution December 2018

Update on the Steelhead Closure by Aaron Lieberman

Outfitters and guides from across the state gathered in Boise late last week for IOGA’s 64th Annual Membership Meeting, with great turnout, presentations and an engaged membership community in attendance. Among those positive outcomes was a vote on, and approval of, a Membership [Steelhead] Resolution outlining IOGA’s position on the ongoing closure of the steelhead fishing season on the Salmon River between Warren Creek and Copper Mine and on the South Fork Clearwater upstream of Mount Idaho Bridge. While press coverage of the closure has fallen away in the wake of the IDFG Commission decision to forestall the closure of the steelhead season across much of the state (click here for background on this decision), the closure remains in effect and continues to affect 18 outfitters, their guides and communities in those areas. Please take several minutes to read our Resolution on this issue and pass it along as you might see fit. Most of all, for the sake of those individuals, businesses and communities who continue to suffer the burden of the remaining closure, get involved: IOGA Office: 9450 W. Fairview Ave., #110, Boise, ID 83704 Mailing Address:  P O Box 95, Boise, ID  83701 Phone: (208) 342-1438    Fax:  208.338.7830 Aaron Lieberman, Executive Director:
Janey Bruesch, Office Manager: